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Lake Saronong

Day Seventeen

Well we somehow managed to get up and functioning, or sort of functioning, early this morning, enough to make it to the airport and fly to Semarang. After breakfast at one of Ari’s sister’s restaurants (yummmm, ox brain!), we drove down to Saronong, a beautiful town situated on a lake in the cool hills of central Java. Our hotel had a balcony overlooking the water. We were joined by alot of Ari’s family, including her parents. Ari’s Dad told us about a small village that has an “eternal flame”, fire that comes out of the ground all the time. Fire. Out of the ground. On the road south we stopped off at a very small temple that is positively Inca in its design, and is unique in Indonesia. Here's a link to some pictures - http://picasaweb.google.com/RobbKeys/NewAlbum718081014PM

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Back to Jakarta

Day Sixteen

Monday was mainly a day for travel. Ari’s driver, Ferry, picked us up in Caritas and we made our way back to Jakarta. We hung out at Ari’s house, ate dinner and tried to get to sleep early. Wake up call for Tuesday morning? 3AM. Tomorrow we’re off to Semarang, about an hour’s flight east along the north coast of Java.

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Day Fifteen

Up bright and early today for breakfast before heading out to the volcano at 7:00. It is hard for me to describe to you what the boat ride was like. Imagine a combination of riding top speed in a convertible, the stomach flipping drops of a water flume, and hard thump of hitting the ground after jumping of something. that’s about as close as I can get. The water here is incredible. Back home when I think of the ocean, I think of that deep blue gray color, but here, the water is bright aqua and green. Unreal, like a painting. When we finally made it to the volcano, we hiked about half way up, which is how high you can go without putting your life in jeopardy. It was amazing up there. You could see for miles, and the thought that “omg, I’m standing on top of a volcano, krakatou, the krakatou,” were beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. And it just kept getting better. We hopped back onto the boat for a bit before anchoring of the shore of one of the islands. And ino the the water we went with snorkling masks. There were so many diffferent kinds of fish, all swiming around above a coral reaf. I wish we could have gotten pictures of what we were seeing, because it was pretty amazing. This was the first time that I’ve ever been, and I was blown away. It still hasn’t quite sunk in that I went snorkling half way accross the world, off the shore of Krakatoua, the volcano that I studdiedall year when I was in 7th grade. Unreal.

We took so many pictures this day, so I just picked out the best!

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First day near the volcano

Day Fourteen

After a half a day of teaching for my dad, and more swimming for me and the girls, we had a birthday lunch for my dad/ good bye party with the people at the school. Then it was off to the Mutiara Carita hotel for two nights, the place about a two hour boat ride away from Krakatou. There was not much to do there, so we lounged around for the rest of the day and watched some of the zillions of small children play in the pool. When they say family hotel, they mean it!

Here's some pictures of the place we stayed at:

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Malls, pools, and ice?

Day Thirteen

Well, after a very long night of trying to sleep due to the loudness of the snoring in the room next to us... it was quite a relief to be back at he Imperil Hotel. During the day, Dad tough as usual, while the girls and I went to the mall. One would assume that we went there to shop, which we did, but the purpose of the trip was to go... ice skating? Yes, they have a full sized ice skating rink in the middle of the mall, if that gives you some idea as to how gigantic the malls here are. This on in particular was six stories. yikes! After skating for awhile, we headed over to the imperial hotel where we swam for the rest of the day. The pool there is the amazing tropical paradise that I told you about in an earlier post, so we enjoyed our selves very much.

Here's some pics from the day! (including the giant mall)

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