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Day Three

It’s day two, and Dad’s still teaching. I, on the other hand, headed out to Jakarta. We first visited a Batik museum where we saw the worlds longest Batik.
After seeing a whole bunch, we were able to make our own! It seemed easy, but it was all but that. It took us about two hours to make it!
After the Batiks, we went to Monas, a very tall tower they have there. There was a very long line to get to the top, so we just viewed it from the ground. If we have time later on, we’ll go back and hope the line is shorter! I feel like a celebrity here with everyone starring at me because I’m American. One guy even wanted to get his picture taken with me! We then had lunch at an Indonesia restaurant where I had vegetables drenched in a peanut sauce. Not bad, actually. then we headed back home where we met up with my dad and saw “Kung Foo Panda,” a movie that’s in America too, right now. After that we shopped around and I was tricked into eating cicken intestin crackers at a crazy snack food store. Yuck. Then off for dinner before leaving. Overall, long, but fun day!

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Komodo Dragons and Snakes

Day Two


Well we're running a little behind, but I'll catch you up! On Monday, Dad went was stuck at the school teaching, while I toured around with one of the teachers there, and the two daughters of the one of the owners of the school. All three of them are great, and a lot of fun to be around. We first went to visit a park type of place with lots of traditional houses from all the different islands. A lot of the housed are built on large posts to keep them off the ground, and the people safe from wild animals. One of the cities here is called Samarinda, so I got my picture taken inside it's house.samarinda.jpg
After that, we visited a transportation museum, and had lunch at CFC (California Fried Chicken), a fast food restaurant that serves rice in the shape of a hamburger with your meal. Yup, they have rice with EVERY meal. In fact, some people get sick and dizzy if they don't eat rice with meals. Crazy. train.jpg
So after that, we went to a reptile zoo where i got to touch a Komodo dragon and hold a snake! The feed the snakes live chickens and chicks, so there are live ones running all around the cages, it's so sad! So that was day one, and it was tons of fun!

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We made it!

Day One

We’ve made it! After 4 planes, 5 hours in airports, approximately 11 movies, multiple tv shows and about 20 hours of flying time... we’ve finally arrived. Although the long plane rides were difficult, the service we got from Singapore Air was exceptional. They handed out hot towels, fed us large meals, and kept the snacks and drinks coming. We switched flights in Frankfort, Germany, at probably the most “interesting” airport. There were nowhere near enough seats for everyone waiting, despite the fact that they had multiple large flat screen tv’s... hmm... good budgeting.
After Frankfort, we headed on the longest plane ride (11 hours) to the Singapore airport, which is one of the nicest, if not THE nicest airports in the world. It was beautiful, but we didn't get to spend any time there. We'll have lots of time to spend there on the way home, so I'll post some photos in a few weeks. That trip was hard, because it was so long. We tried to get up and move around as much as possible, but it's hard because there's no where to go. It stunk(no pun intended) to because of a german who either doesn't believe in deodorant, or just forgot it, who was sitting next to us.
Eventually we made it to Jakarta, where we met up with one of the heads of the school and her family. THey took us out to eat at a chinese restaurant, where I tried my first "weird" food. Chicken... feet. i'm not sure if it tasted good because all I could think about the whole time was, "ahhh, I'm eating feet!" my dad seemed to like it though!

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The First Post : D

Seeing if I can upload pictures...

Tada! Our first post. We haven't left yet... but I thought I'd see if I am capable of doing this ; ) This is a picture from my dad's trip last year, so I thought I'd throw that on as a practice.

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