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Tangkuban Perahu

Day Seven

Saturday was a long, long day. Dad taught until 10, and then we headed off to the mountains to see a crater from an old volcano. Although it smelled like rotten eggs, it was really amazing to see. There were also lots of shops around, so we bought some things to take home with us. On the three hour ride home, we stopped to eat at a restaurant called The Peak. It was an American like restaurant, and very delicious. There was live music there, and when the singer saw my dad singing with the music, he brought the mic over an my dad sang! He was so good, they called him up to sing an entire song : D

Here’s the link to my dad’s little moment of glory. It was dark in the restaurant, so it’s hard to see, but you can hear it!

We’re also got some photos of the crater, and dad at the mic here:

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Amusement Park

Day Six

0 °F

Today we headed off to an amusment park for a day of thirlls. It was very, very hot there, but we still had a good time. The girls were affraid to go on the big rides, so I rode solo, but I was able to convince Janice to come of the upside-down rollercoaster with me! She screamed the entire time, which her eyes glued shut.

Here's the link for the pictures : D
And in case you were wondering, just click on the photos to make them bigger. You'll be able to see the caption by just running your mouse over the image.


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Hanging out at the school

Day Five

Thursday, we decided to give the travels a break. Three full days of sight seeing is a lot, so it was nice to have a break. I stayed at the school while my dad tought, and then later went to the girls’ (Janice and Jesslyn) house to swim. For dinner? Pizza Hut!

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Some excitement at the safari

A little clip fro our excitement at the safari... yes it is our video : D


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Day Four


wow, what a day! We left early and headed for the mountains for a day with animals. When we entered the park, we drove through what we would call a zoo, but without the cages. We had bought carrots earlier, so we fed the animals from our car. We saw TONS of animals, including a white tiger, lions, bears, and even little monkeys. When that was finished we are lunch and then spent some time with elephants : ) The best part of the day by far, though, was when I got to hold a baby tiger and an orangoutang! We didn't get back home until late, so we stopped at a KFC for dinner. I usually hate fast food... but a little american food after days of indonesian fare.. not bad, not bad at all.

This blog site only lets you use a certain amount of space for pictures... and we're almost out already. So from now on, I'll be posting links to picasa web, a site where you will be able to view the pictures. Please do!


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