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Summer Camp Field Trip

Day Twelve

Today the summer camp took a trip to a museum where the kids could pick an activity to do. Some made umbrellas (like the Japanese sun ones), others made kites, and the last group, myself included, made batiks. It was a very successful day, and the kids seemed to enjoy what they were making. It was the last day of the camp, which was sad. I fell in love with the kids, and now I'll never see them again! But we've got some great memories ; )

You have to check out these pictures! I got some really great ones with the kids.

p.s. I forgot to tell you this before... but I ate more creepy things. Frogs and eels... yumm?

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Summer Camp #2

Day Eleven

Today was the last in-the-classroom day for the summer camp. We made candles, baked cookies, made popsicles, failed to make light circuit bugs, and performed skits and, songs in front of the teachers in training. Overall, not a bad day. I'm loving the kids more and more everyday, and I'm sad that I only have one day left with them. They are incredibly sweet! They seem to love me too, with is always nice!

I've got some pictures of the kids during the day, as well as a picture of the card one of the boys made for me. Watch out Scott, you've got some competition!


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Summer Camp #1

Day Ten

The first day of summer camp in complete, and very successful. The kids are the sweetest, and really seemed to enjoy the day. We've got our hands full with a couple of rebels, but who's not up for a challenge? We shaved soap and smushed it into molds, cooked lunch, and made homemade paper. I'll bring the camera to the second day, and hopefully snap some shots of the kids!

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Camp Set up

Say Nine

Today was a pretty laid back day. I hung out at the school while dad taught again, and in the afternoon, finished up the planning and set up for the summer camp. The camp was originally going to last 5 days... but it's been changed to only 3. 2 days in the classroom, and one out and about at a kite museum? Something like that. 15 kids, me and one other adult... should be interesting!

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Aryaduta Hotel

Day Eight

0 °F

Sunday, there was no teaching to be done, so we were able to sleep in. Around 11 we left for a Japanese restaurant for a brunch. There was a traditional Chinese dance called the Barongsai going on while we were eating, and later on, live music. After this, we moved from the place we had been staying to a very, very nice hotel. The hotel has a giant pool in this tropical paradise like place, with friut smoothies, a water slide, and jungle like plant all around. After we napped in the sun, we went to the mall and bought four seasons of Friends for $15. wahoo! Then dinner and back to the hotel for the night.

For you Michael:
It's been hot here, really really hot. And even more humid than back at home. It's only rained once, and that was on the way up to see the crater. It rained very hard, but luckily we were in the car the whole time, nice and dry : )
As for the second half of the family, we've been getting daily updates from them via e-mail. They seem to be having a good time. It was nice for my mom to see her brother again, and I guess he and Elijah had a good time playing basketball and such. But now they've headed to Alaska, and have been traveling around the past few days.

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