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Okay, so throughout the blog we've been linking you to pictures from specific events. That is, until the last weeks posts. That's because we put them up when we got home, because we didn't have internet durring that time. But back to my point, I've uploaded ALL 400 something photos from the trip onto Picassa, so I'll give you that link. Seeing as it's a lot of photos, just scroll down to the bottom, where the pictures from the last week are. That volcano and super blue water is from the trip to Krakatoa, and the crazy looking buildings at the very end are from Singapore (one of the stops on the way home.) We had just enough time for a tour around the city, dinner, and a walk around the city at night, complete with a surprise firework display!


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Day Twenty-one

Well, today we started the long trek home. 10,000 miles, one stopover, four meals, seven movies and more hot, wet towels than we could count. We arrived in Singapore around noon and didn't have to catch our flight to Frankfort until midnight, so we checked out the world's best airport, Changi, before taking a two-hour bus tour of the city. When it dropped us back off at the airport, we jumped a shuttle bus for dinner back in Singapore. They're celebrating their Independence Day in a few weeks so there were lots of schoolkids in costume practicing for the big parade, and at night, sitting by the world's largest water fountain, we saw fireworks. Not a bad ending to a very special trip.

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Selamat Jalan Indonesia!

Day Twenty

Our last day in Indonesia! We flew back to Jakarta this morning with Janice. This morning Ari’s Dad, about the nicest person you can imagine, took us to the small village, about an hour and a half from Semarang, that has the eternal flame. We had to take a dirt road off the main road, driving past rice fields tended by workers in bamboo cone hats with hand scythes. The village had no more than a half-dozen huts surrounding a huge mat where a rice crop was being separated. In a small clearing to one side were two pile of stones. A few villagers motioned us forward, and using Ari's Dad as our translator we found out that both of these piles had flames coming from below the earth's crust. We put our hands over the top and it felt just like a stovetop. They put in a banana leaf that immediately caught flame. If that wasn't enough weirdness, we then walked behind a few huts to a pool of brown water, maybe 15 feet across, that looked like it was boiling. Hundreds of bubbles were breaking the surface, but it wasn't hot at all. Just gasses from below bubbling up... all the time... forever.

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Day Nineteen

Borobodur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. It was amazing in size and detail. The top was crowded with tourists and school groups, which felt kind of disrespectful, but there was hardly anyone on the lower levels. We got there early enough in the morning so it wasn’t real hot. On the way back north we went over some more mountain passes. Huge views, but mostly covered in mist. We saw some of landslide damage from the spring and these amazing terraced garden plots that were planted up the sides of these incredibly steep hillsides. Tonight were at Ari’s Dad’s house. It’s a bit like paradise here. The pool has naked Greek women statues along one side so you know it’s a classy place.

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Day Eighteen

We drove some more today, with Amee, Janice, Aurel, and Audrey in the way back, alternating between watching Audrey dance to Am’s iPod or all asleep like a litter of kittens. It was very, very hot, but we were able to visit Prambanan, a beautiful Hindu temple outside of Yogyakarta. We could see the damage from last year’s earthquake; there were piles of rocks stacked in the surrounding fields. That night we stayed in our new favorite hotel, the Rumah Mertua. It was done in a traditional Javanese-style, had a beautiful pool surrounded by kerosene lamps and peeing gargoyles in the corners. When you swam on your back you could see the quarter moon and try your hardest to remember the moment.

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